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22 March 2013

Blog Resurrected

So I liked blogger because I could export my blog to my home server and host it there. But I guess there wasn't enough geeky people using the export to external server feature so google discontinued it. I was really annoyed so I just quit using my blog.

 It wasn't that big of a deal to me because anything I wanted to post could really be posted on Facebook. Nobody really comes to my blog anyway. There is a question of if a personal blog is really needed. I mean, isn't facebook just a blog that all of your friends and family are already subscribed to? If I want anyone to read my blog wouldn't I have to post the link to facebook? The one thing that I do on a blog that I don't do on facebook is write out stories.

I was researching some stuff for Betsy's new blog http://piecrustcookies.blogspot.com and decided to resurrect my blog. It isn't hosted on my home computer but I guess I can live with that. And I will try and post some more stories if any happen to me.