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20 March 2007

This American Life

So for years now I have been listening to this radio show called "This American Life." It is a wonderful show that gets into our sometimes odd but delightful world we live in. It is provocative and thoughtful. One summer I listened to 5 or 6 episodes a day. My friends probably hated me so bad for always saying, "I heard on the radio the other day a story about..." but I loved it. My friend Dave would even say that I didn't like him until I found out he listened to "This American Life " too.

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Now the radio show is going to be on TV. If you are my friend and you have Showtime you need to call me up and let me know so that I can watch the first season with you.

You should try out some episodes of the radio show you can find them on iTunes as PodCasts or at This American Life website.