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26 December 2006

Big Thanks to Beto's

Because of my weird situation on Christmas day, I was not able to be with any type of family for the holiday. I was working on cleaning my old apartment and moving into my new one. I really, really needed to go eat some where since it was 2:00pm and I still hadn't had breakfast. I was in a rush to get things done before my family flew in from California. I decided to go into town and see if anything was open.

First thought, I wonder if Beto's is open. A carne asada borrito would hit the spot.

Sure enough, it was open. They don't play around when they say they are open 24/7. I was nourished and I wanted to blog it. I couldn't believe they were open Christmas day but I was so glad they were.

Beto's has always been there for me when I have been hungry at weird hours and weird days. I love the true mexican style tacos and I crave (and even dream about). I love the breakfast borritos.

Beto's is wonderful