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05 October 2005

I know I know her.

Have you ever been in the situation where you see someone you know but you just can't remember where you know them from or their names. You look really close and you think and think and it just doesn't come to you. At that point you have a choice. You can either just blow it off and act like you don't know them or you can talk to them. There are pros and cons to both options. If you try and blow it off there is a chance you will run into them again or you might miss out on some opportunity because you didn't say hi. You may come off rude and if you are like me, you don't want to come off rude at all. On the other hand, if you do say hi, it is definately going to be a awkward conversation. After all, you don't know where you know this person from and you are not sure their name and all of that. The worst is when you approach them and they are like "what's up michael, how are you doing?" That is the worst. They remember your name and you can't remember theirs.

When I was in school this seemed to hapen to me all of the time. I would be walking across campus and I would run into someone that I recognized but couldn't remember the name. I would just have the normal conversation and talk to them and then say "Later dude" at the end. Then about 20 steps after the conversation I would remember the name and vow that I would remember it next time.

That isn't the worst situation though. The worst is the one where they realize you don't know their name and they call you on it. It reminds me when Sienfeld was dating Deloris. You try and take a stab at their name and you don't get it. I love it though when you do take a guess and you happen to get it right. It really impresses them. Girls always blush if they call you on it and then you guess it.

Anyway, this whole subject brings me to a story about my mother. Her and my Dad decided to go to their favorite Mexican restaurant to have dinner. On the way in my mom passes a table where she recognized a lady. She knows she knows her but has no idea where from. She thinks and thinks and just can't remember. She decides then that she must be from her monthly bunko party or from church. In any case, she decides that she had better talk to her, so she gets up, walks to the table, and starts a conversation with her. They talk about family and school and life and all kinds of things.

She returns to her table with no leads to where she knows the lady from. It is so frustrating not to know. She asks my dad, "Jerry, do you know who the lady at that table is? I know I know her but I just can't remember where from." My father takes a good long look and says "Yeah, I know who she is." My mother is suprised and says "You do? Who is she?"

He says "That's the lady from the bank."