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10 October 2006

Catch Phrase is Fun

Recently, my fiance invited her department from work to come to her house for some food and games. Around seven people arrived and we talked a little and ate and then we decided to play some games. The first game on the list was "Catch Phrase". If you have never played, the game disk shows you a word and and the person who has the disk has to discribe the word without saying it until the rest of the party guesses it. When they guess it, you pass the disk on to the next person. An example would be if the disk shows the word "bee" then you may say "A yellow bug that makes honey."

After playing Catch Phrase for a while, we decided to split up into teams and make up our own words. Then our teams would take turns and guessing and the winner would be the team that guesses the most words.

We all wrote words. They were joking that most of the people there were biologists and they could put down bio-related words. Some did. I thought I would change it up and not only put totally random words but also computer terms that they may not know. I may as well get them back for putting the bio terms that I wouldn't know.

After we put down the words, we started and had a really competitive time trying to guess more words then the other team. The bucket of words began to only contain the ones that no one could describe or they didn't know about. We decided to just take turns doing one word at a time until we got all of the ones that we couldn't get. People kept complaining about an acronym that they kept running into.

The mysterious acronym was drawn and she kept saying that she didn't know it. She gave up and wanted to know what it was. "I.G.B. What is I.G.B. The only thing I could thing of was hemoglobin, but that is HGB. Is there another acronym that I don't know about. Who wrote this one?" Well I knew I didn't write it because I don't know any of those bio terms. Or at least it wasn't any of the bio terms that I knew. No one was going to fess up. She said, "Come on. I'm not mad, I am just curious what it is." You could really see the frustration in her face. She REALLY did want to know what it is. So did everyone else. I boldly spoke up "Yeah, it isn't that big of a deal!" Another guy at the party said he wanted to take a look. She handed it to him and after a few seconds of consideration, he declares that it is a girls handwriting. It wasn't me for sure.

I eye all of the girls and wonder who wouldn't fess up to writing the clue. The girl continued "i.g.b what could that be?" And everyone is discussing it and all of us are very curious. My fiance asks to see the paper, and I looked over her shoulder and that is when I saw it. Well... the second time I saw it.


I burst out into laughter. "That isn't IGB that's 1 GigaByte. As in 1,000 MegaBytes." I had wrote that one.

We all laughed hard for the next few minutes. I was crying and stomach hurt. Some of the guys were making fun of me for writing like a girl. All in all the mystery was solved and we got a good laugh out of it. There is nothing like some bad handwriting to spice up a party.