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28 April 2006

Surveys are LAME

5 Things in my fridge:
  • Tortillas
  • Rotting Hamburger
  • Tapatia
  • onions
  • cheese

5 Things in my closet:

  • 14 Year old bowling style Doc Martins with Sesame St. shoelaces
  • An electric heater
  • Misc Computer Components (HD, VidCard, etc)
  • A leather cowboy hat from Mexico
  • A LOT of belts

5 Things in my purse:

Hmm.. Hard to say...

5 Things in my car:

5 Things that would be on my Tivo:

17 April 2006

Dutch Ovens

For years growing up, my family would get together and we would have Dutch Oven Chicken. I remember the first time I had it. I had no idea what a dutch oven was. I found out that it was a heavy iron pot that had a matching heavy lid. You would fill it with oil and fry chicken, potatoes and onions. That is all I ever saw it used for.

Then one year I was invited to go on a river trip with some friends at Desolation Canyon. The trip was amazing. One night, they made lasagne dinner in the dutch oven. WOW, I thought. I told those that made it that had never heard of anyone doing more than chicken in a Dutch oven.

Then they had peach cobbler too.

As I began camping more and more, I found that you could cook a variety of foods with the dutch oven. Not only could you cook main dishes but you could do all types of deserts and breakfast dishes also.

After one particular campout in Idaho where we had made a lot of different things with the dutch oven, my friend Dave and I were at a cowboy store where they sold dutch ovens. As I am looking over the dutch ovens I mention to Dave that

"Man, Dutch ovens are cool. You can cook all kinds of stuff in 'em."

This comment made Dave laugh out loud. Of course you can cook stuff in them. I then explained that I always thought you only did chicken in Dutch Ovens and that recently I have found out that you can cook anything in them. He laughed again.

The other day Dave sent me this article.


And my mind keeps expanding....

What do I think when I read the article? Yep, you can cook all kinds of stuff in Dutch ovens.