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03 August 2004

Who is this?

You know how when you call someone for the first time, you always wonder if they are going to remember you or not. I do. Especially when I am calling a girl for the first time. If you have just met them and they remember you then it is a good sign right? Well, many times I have played this game where I would call someone and act like we have been long time friends. It is a given that they will ask "Who is this?". I will then say "Don't you know. Guess." You hope that they will say you, but in my case, they usually will go on and on naming other possible bo's until I finally just tell them. Then they usually give an "oh" in a disippointed tone. Under this circumstance, it is really hard to ask a girl out.

So the other day I call this girl for the first time to ask her out. I met her at a softball game and I had her number just because she was nice enough to call my phone so that I could find it. Before I called her I thought that instead of making her guess who it is or play any sort of game, I was instead going to tell her who I was strait out so that there would be no possible way to misunderstand who I am. So when she asks me who I was I said "Michael from softball." Could I have been any clearer? So the conversation starts and she is tellimg me she is with a bunch of people that she acts like I should know and I don't. Finally I ask her if these people are her family and she says "Wait a minute, who is this?" I told her once again and she apoligizes because she thought that she was on the phone with one of her uncles. "That's why I asked if you have a cold." she said. My voice has been mistaken many times for a person who has a cold. I do have a nasal voice so I wasn't too surprised when she asked if I had a cold. I wouldn't ever be able to be a radio talk show host.

It wasn't a bid deal at all that she mistook me for someone else. She apoligized for it more than once. It isn't a big deal at all. The thing that is interesting about the situation is that I made point to make it clear who I was. It would have been one thing if I just said "This is Michael" and she mistook me for another person, but that wasn't the case.

Now what can I do? I feel so helpless. Is it inevitable that we are all bound to be mistaken for someone else?