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17 March 2005


Once I was doing something that I have enjoyed to do since I was little. Skateboarding. Yes, I was a hoodlem skateboarder when I was growing up.

I wasn't too bad at skateboarding. I could do all sorts of tricks including the ollie and kick flip. I enjoyed learning new tricks and trying to jump off of and unto anything I could.

I was skateboarding down the street. I wasn't really going anywhere, like skatebarders usually do. Just looking around for curbs to jump off of or any other opportunity to do a good trick. Soon, I see the target. I see a driveway and I decide to hit the slant and ollie as hard and high as I can off of it. It will be kind of like a little ramp that I can go off of. I bend my knees and prepare for the jump. Stuck in the position. Approaching the jump in anticipation of the big ollie and landing.

Waiting for it. Patiently waiting for the perfect moment to explode into the jump. I find that I have prepared for the jump way too early but don't want to get out of the ready position because then I might miss it.

Getting closer...

Almost there...

The moment finally comes and I hit the tail of my board on the ground and kick out as hard as I can with my front foot.

I awake, startled, as I kick my bedroom wall.

Don't you just love dreams.


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